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15th Dec 2013

Minecraft Username: CoolMCPenguin

Minecraft Commands Knowledge: 6/10

Minecraft Building Skill: 6/10

Why Should I Pick You?:I think I have the skill to Help you're server, To be truthful, I have no experience as staff, but alot from Role Play. I would love to help you're server, as I've been looking for a good server to play on. I can help other people have fun, make sure you're server is safe and have a good time myself!

If a player was hacking,
What would YOU do?: I would investigate to see if it was true, (If he/she was reported) If he/she was saw by me, I would check just incase. If true, 10 minutes to explain, then Perm Ban or Temp Ban (What you think is better for the rules.)

If a player was using inappropriate language
What would YOU do? It would be the same process with No.1 but with a few small changes.
Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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